Hardware Wars

I was like five years old when I first saw Hardware Wars. HBO used to run shorts to eat up time between features and I just caught the last minute…
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Grindhouse Weekend!

To get the all-new SCREW channel started off with a nice kick in the ass, we've put together a small collection of old school kung-fu, exploitation and grindhouse films to…
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The Real Bruce Lee (1977)

Archive footage shows Bruce Lee's early acting career and displays his extensive knowledge of martial arts.
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A*P*E (1976)

A newsman, a starlet, and the U.S. and South Korean armies fight off a giant ape on the rampage in this wacky King Kong knock-off.
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I Was a Teenage Serial Killer (1993)

Underground no-budget film by independent filmmaker Sarah Jacobson about a 19-year-old girl who is so sick of sexist men, she kills them…
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The Love Statue LSD Experience (1965)

An acid trip for a 1960s West Village painter ends with the lifeless body of his cabaret dancer lover on the floor and a memory hole of how she died.
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Dolemite (1975)

Released from jail after being wrongfully convicted, a pimp takes on the criminals and corrupt police officers who framed him with the help of some female karate warriors.

Shaolin Dolemite (1999)

Dolemite travels to Shaolin to help the monks defeat and evil band of ninjas who hope to take over the martial world.
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Hardware Wars (1978)

Meanwhile in another part of the galaxy, later that same day, filmmaker Ernie Fosselius was giving birth to this iconic Star Wars parody…
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Galaxy Invader (1985)

An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken men who saw him crash-land his spaceship.
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