I was like five years old when I first saw Hardware Wars. HBO used to run shorts to eat up time between features and I just caught the last minute of it. At first I thought it was a real film. I didn’t know what parody was at the time. I did, however, know what Star Wars was and I remember being slightly confused about this “obvious” knock-off of my favorite movie.

But I also remember finding the whole idea to be the funniest thing I’d ever seen — and that was the beginning of my love affair with parody.

For weeks I’d constantly switch the TV channels back-and-forth between whatever I was watching and HBO to try to catch it again, but every time I did, I never caught the beginning. It wasn’t until like thirty years later that I discovered it, by chance, on the Internet, and finally got to watch it start to finish.

To do this day, it remains my favorite parody.

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