To get the all-new SCREW channel started off with a nice kick in the ass, we’ve put together a small collection of old school kung-fu, exploitation and grindhouse films to keep you busy while we continue working to add more content in the background.

We found some great, forgotten “classics” in the public domain. Some of them were obviously forgotten for a reason — like the wacky Weng Weng midget James Bond flick (shown) — but others, like the Dolemite films and the Bruce Lee doc, are as cool and bad ass today as they were in the 70s. If you’ve never experienced Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite, you’re in for one iambic pentameter ass-kicking.

We’ll be adding more films over the weekend, so keep checking the channel for updates. If you haven’t added SCREW to your Roku line-up yet, click here — it’s free to add, you just pay for the good stuff.